Connectivity, Expectations, and Expertise

Co-creation as a Model for Program Development


  • Katie Walkup Virginia Tech
  • Shahab Sagheb Virginia Tech
  • Robert A. Smith Virginia Tech and the Boeing Company


Stakeholder Engagement, Program Design, Undergraduate Curricula, Academic-industry Collaboration, Methodology


Working with industry stakeholders to design programs in technical, scientific, and professional communication can provoke discussions about the connectivity, expectations, and varying expertise(s) at work in the collaboration. Co-creation models for program development can mitigate these challenges by using program design and assessment practices that depend on stakeholder contributions throughout the curriculum. This article explores an example of the co-creation model at work in designing a project-based, studio-centered curriculum.


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Author Biographies

Katie Walkup, Virginia Tech

Katie Walkup is a Collegiate Assistant Professor of Communication for Sociotechnical Systems in the Calhoun Honors Discovery Program at Virginia Tech. Her programmatic research focuses on the role of technical communication within interdisciplinary project-based learning.

Shahab Sagheb, Virginia Tech

Shahabedin (Shahab) Sagheb is an Assistant Collegiate Professor in Virginia Tech’s Calhoun Honors Discovery Program. He develops and teaches project-based learning studio courses in the program. His program of research is on developing hybrid digital-physical systems by augmenting objects and humans in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality settings. His most recent work emphasizes the simulation of tactile sensations of handling fluids in virtual environments.

Robert A. Smith, Virginia Tech and the Boeing Company

Robert A. Smith is a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow and is currently the Distinguished Professor of Practice for the Calhoun Honors Discovery Program at Virginia Tech where he is developing advanced complex problem-solving frameworks for collaborative sociotechnical innovation developments. He is a technical leader for strategy, avionics, and remote sensing applications in Boeing Research & Technology.




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